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 calderon embarssing himself?

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PostSubject: calderon embarssing himself?   Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:24 am

Ramón Calderón los maringos president has been the most speaking and gossiping man/presdinet in the past summer relating to transfer saga he : kept promising for 2 month that he will sign c.ronaldo
just like he said about kaka last year. he said robinho will never leave and it looks like he might leave he said his is gonna get villa and he set pen and papers to contracts and so did Cazorla
being a president for the largest club in the world he is defintly showing no dignity when u promise ur gonna get a player and u end up not getting him makes u look like shit specially if u appear every day on tv and in the press saying " the deal will be done in 48 hours" . and for his hipocrcy about claiming that no player should be kept in a club aganist his will ( speaking for c.ronaldo) he goes around forcing robinho to stay i believe what he said earlir on goal .com was a total club "In a question and answer session in Marca, Los Merengues' president opened up about the club's summer transfer activity and gave his side to all the reports and rumours.

Madrid were foiled in their quest to sign Ronaldo and then saw both Villa and Cazorla sign new contracts with Valencia and Villarreal respectively rather than join Madrid.

"I spoke to (Manchester United director) David Gill and he always said that the club did not want to sell (Ronaldo)," Calderón explained. "I asked him about it, obviously, because I thought we could do something.

"It was the same with (Villarreal president) Fernando Roig when I asked about Santi Cazorla. He said no and that was that.

"With Cazorla, we could have signed him if we had wanted to, but we did not want to pay his buy-out clause five days before the transfer window closes.

"That was why we did not sign him, although Villarreal have seen things differently.

"In the case of Villa they offered him to us for €80m and he was never part of our plans for that amount. I do not understand why that turned out like that."

No Need for Kaká

Calderón then explained that he felt Madrid had the chance to finally sign Kaká, one of the player's he promised in his election mandate, but was told not to make a bid.

"It did not appear that Kaká's position needed strengthening, according to the coaches. I did not enter into it," he continued.

"I have to say that it was a possibility to sign Kaká this summer, but I was told that we did not need him now.

"He may have cost €100m, but I do not think that would have been the price. But those in charge told me not to look into it."

With Robinho's move to Chelsea a looking all set to go ahead earlier this week and now looking doubtful, Calderón explained that he feels the player should have remained calm.

"Personally, I think (saying he wanted to leave) was a mistake and that it was a problem with him. I think his representatives advised him badly and they confused him," the president stated.

"But once it had been said it was my job to defend the interests of the club in the best way that I could.

"We did not consider selling him even if Cristiano had joined. Robinho was not going. It would not have been necessary to sell anyone."

Staying United

The Ronaldo saga dominated the summer at Madrid and Calderón has been keen to put his side of the story across after being accused of helping to unsettle the Manchester United star.

"I have said before that all this came down to a problem of communication more than anything else," he said.

"The media become involved and then we wanted to sort it out with the player and his club. But we became spectators and had no role to play in it all.

"We received the news that player wanted to come to Madrid, but as I said throughout it was down to Manchester United to say whether or not they would sell him.

"The player still has a contract with his club and there is nothing more that we can do. I am not thinking about next summer now because I do not know what could happen.

"We just do not know if he will end up playing here or not. I hope he can, but that is another matter.

"There was no call from Ronaldo saying he was not coming. I do not want to give the impression that we interfered in any way with all this, because we did not.

"The relationship between Manchester United and Real Madrid is magnificent still, although it did bother me that their manager made some comments, but we will remain friends.

"We were pleased to hear that Cristiano wanted to come to Madrid, but it is normal that all the great players would like to play here."
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calderon embarssing himself?
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