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 Italy Hits Back After English Journalist Attack

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PostSubject: Italy Hits Back After English Journalist Attack   Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:54 am

Former Bologna coach and head of the Italian Coaches’ Association Renzo Ulivieri has slammed the English Premier League after a top journalist who writes for The Times launched a scathing attack on the Italian game.

Oliver Kay, who writes a weekly football column for the English paper, described Serie A as: “A retirement home for ageing footballers or a get-rich-quick scheme for those who lacked ambition,” and “a long way short of the Premier League.”

Harsh words on a country which has won the World Cup four times and has the world’s most successful club side in Milan.

Kay’s ranting and raving against the Italians didn’t go down well in the peninsula and Ulivieri has lashed out as he takes aim and shoots down the small talk coming out of England.

Ulivieri has defended Calcio and he believes that the facts speak for themselves.

“It’s the pot calling the kettle black,” said the coach.

“England has a nice League, but if you look carefully they have foreign Coaches, the majority are foreign players and even foreign club owners come in from all over the world.

“I really doubt they are in any position to criticise Italian football. Besides, I certainly wouldn’t say that Ronaldinho or Andriy Shevchenko are old.”

This spat comes just days after another top English journalist Patrick Barclay slammed England manager Fabio Capello for not understanding English culture, and said that Steve McClaren was a better choice as the country's national coach.


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PostSubject: Re: Italy Hits Back After English Journalist Attack   Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:48 am

Look who's talkin we r the league of old players ryt
a league with Ibrahimovic , Kaka , Totti , Del Piero , Ronaldino , Buffon and the league of the 2006 WC winners what more stars do u need , what else do we need 2 prove to u ??

maybe for the past 3 years EPL has been better than the Calcio Serie A duo 2 the Calciopoli and the problems we had but still we weren't that far cause the 2006-2007 CL winner was italian AC Milan n last season Scudetto race was definatly similar 2 the EPL one.
ended at the last week with 2 points difference between champions Inter n runner ups Roma.

Who said EPL has more competition than Serie A , let's just say that in their big 4 which are Man utd , Arsenal , Chelsea n Liverpool there is Arsenal n Chelsea who won nothin in the European history , Chelsea entered the big 4 just 4 years ago when Abrahamovic took on the team n money made em a big 4 , Liverpool never won the EPL n they r considered top 4 as well.

while in Italy look at the big 4 and their histories only 1 team didnt win the CL , we have Milan with 7 cups come 2nd in history after Real Madrid , we have 2 cups for both Inter n Juventus without cinsiderin finals and Uefa cups n other titles.Roma maybe the only team in the big 3 with no European history but at least they aint a based on money team n has histor of longs years as compatitors unlike Chelsea who saw the light with Abrahimovic's moeny.

maybe now ppl see EPL more competitive or better than Calcio n yes maybe they r ryt for now but EPL will never be better than Calcio the way Calcio was better than EPL , they will never reach that gap.

plus it wont take long b4 u see Calcio back on top , just watch this season n judge.

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Italy Hits Back After English Journalist Attack
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